Welcome to The Chemical Bonds at the 21st Century - 2017

An international conference on chemical bonding
3rd edition of the series following the Paris (2012) and Xiamen (2015) meetings

September 2–4, 2017 in Aachen, Germany

This is a satellite meeting to the WATOC 2017 in Munich

Computational chemistry has experienced a rapid growth in recent years. However, despite the “chemical bond” concept being a paramount cornerstone in chemistry, many of the research works have been devoted to the pure computations with little insight related to the chemist’s conceptual models.

This conference will focus on the nature of chemical bonding, emphasizing the chemical insights provided by a large range of interpretative methods and conceptual models into the nature of bonding in (bio)molecules and materials.

Unusual Chemical Bonding Challenge

Eduard Matito, Ferran Feixas, and Henry Rzepa organize a chemical bonding slam as part of the conference. Participants are welcome to defend their point of view on a controversial chemical bond with a 5 min. presentation. Presentations should be uploaded to the bond slam wiki before the meeting to allow for comments. For more details see here. The wiki is available here.

Ways to participate at the conference

  • present a poster
  • apply for a contributed talk. Many slots for 20 min contributed talks are available. Note the deadline for abstract submission: July 1
  • Please send your abstract to cb2017@pc.rwth-aachen.de.
  • participate in the chemical bonding slam (in addition to poster/talk).

Tutorial course on Valence Bond theory

As in previous meetings, a three day tutorial course on Valence Bond theory and the XMVB program will take place directly following this conference, on September 4-7, starting in the evening. The tutorial is intended for advanced PhD or master students and interested researchers. For more information see here

pictures: www.medien.aachen.de / Andreas Herrmann